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Bryton Pick ~ Floss on the Go (Review)

Bryton Pick ~ Floss on the Go

I was given the opportunity to try the latest innovation in oral care: BRYTONPICK – Floss in Seconds.

I loved the little boomerang shape of the flossing utensil. The Picks come in bright pleasing colors, and have a carry pouch included.

I received a red and blue sample. I used the red sample and my son used the blue sample.

Our opinion of BRYTONPICK:
Easy to hold
No stringy mess
Flexible tip
Indicated on package that it is thin as floss, yet I had a hard time getting it in between some of my teeth. My teeth are really close together and the tip would not fit between some of my teeth, to slide thru.
Did remove some of the gunk left between the teeth that brushing leaves behind.
As with flossing you may experience some bleeding, as my son did while using it to clean his teeth.
I did not think the tip was sharp at all, but since it is metal you do need to be careful while flossing.

Try it out for yourself. Visit WWW.BRYTONPICK.COM for additional information. Link to website:


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