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Smile Make Someone Happy

It has always been exciting for me to enter a giveaway, contest or sweepstakes. I would always say “well someone is going to win, why not me”.  Win or lose I always appreciated the opportunity.  It was a hobby I enjoyed and if I won, it would allow for me to give something extra to share with my family and friends.  While I have never won that big ticket item. . . . yet, I am still waiting for “my ship to come in”, (something my grandma would always say).

I started my blog in 2010 as a way to earn extra entries in giveaways. Since that time I have enjoyed learning more about blogging and what it has to offer.  Running “Smile Make Someone Happy” is a way for me to combine my passion for giveaways while expanding my horizon to start working with a variety of brands and providing a way for others to enter to win prizes.

Smile make someone happy and share the fun~
The world needs more fun~spread the FUN



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